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Thanks to you, a win-win future - the end of the Chinese agriculture food feast
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  • To the annual year-end celebration time! On January 21, 2019, huannong food sincerely invites all employees to hold the 2018 annual final tooth appreciation dinner in the company canteen. Everyone is gathered together to celebrate the glory of yesterday and look forward to a better future! In the New Year, we will be professional dedication • excellence.

    First of all, Mr. Lin fengwu, general manager of the company, delivered a congratulatory speech to the opening ceremony. He thanked all the colleagues for the tough year, hard year and proud year in 2018. "Xiongguan road is really like iron, now step more from the beginning." The coming year of 2019 is a new starting point. We should, as always, devote ourselves to our respective jobs with great passion to create a more brilliant year of 2019. And expressed New Year's greetings.

    Subsequently, the outstanding staff award and outstanding management cadre were successively awarded, and the award-winning staff were encouraged to guard against arrogance and rashness, and to play an exemplary role and make new contributions in the New Year.

    Mr. Lin chengdong, chairman of the board, presented awards for outstanding management cadres.

    Mr. Lin fengwu, general manager, and Mr. Su wei, deputy general manager of production presented awards for outstanding employees.

    But the most exciting moment, of course, is the lottery! Opportunity is equal, everyone can be lucky tonight! All kinds of prizes are waiting for you! The fourth prize hasn't been decided yet. Don't hurry... I didn't get the third prize. That's ok. I want the second prize. The second prize is someone else's, never mind, eat a few crabs first! ...... Sure enough, people who love to laugh are not too bad luck! So, remember to laugh more, keep a positive attitude, good luck will come!

    A grand annual meeting is indispensable in celebration rich award, this is the link with the most welcome in dinner process, what run through draw a link from beginning to end is everybody is full of expectation cheer. All the prizes are carefully prepared by hua nong food. Each round of the awards is sent out, which makes the partners very excited and very fond of...

    The 2018 final tooth dinner officially begins

    Happy moment in the countdown, the well-being of the needle in the toggle, peace bells in the ring, gorgeous fireworks in bloom; Happy mood is spreading, auspicious year is opening in, lively crowd is in hubbub, sincere surprise is setting sail: boss, did you give employee red envelope?

    As the annual conference draws to a close, we will bid farewell to a brilliant 2018, meet a promising and challenging 2019, and face a new starting point. Let us be full of confidence, courage and motivation to travel, gather our dreams, set sail, and write about a better future for huannong food.

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