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Yang xingzhong and wang zhihong and other leaders came to visit our company for guidance
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  •        China farming, on the afternoon of April 26, 2017, the communist party of China (sha county party secretary Yang Xingzhong, county magistrate zhi-hong wang, director of the county peoples congress standing committee Yu Rongsheng, county leader liu, zhi-ping huang, li-yan wang, wu jiang chao, Huang Binjiang, ShiJianFeng, zhao, lai king county leaders and gold ancient management committee, countryside (town, street), agatanoatae related unit leaders to visit my company operating headquarters to inspect work; Yang Shuji, the county magistrate wang a line in the process of investigation, in the global product sales in my company area chart below about the products of our company's sales network, and brand publicity, etc., farmers in China food positive spirit of striving to be sure, the roast eel industry development prospects look good, request the brand China farming food continue to become bigger and stronger.

        The company's general manager, Lin fengwu, introduced the current operation of agriculture, culture construction, key projects and the development plan of the company.

        After the visit, Yang Shuji line of our company's business development ideas and innovative development mode to give a high praise, and for my company in the late product sales channels and development planning of work gave high recognition and long-term goal of development planning, encourage China farming food again in 2017.

         I Lin Fengwu company general manager, said: the Yang Shuji and other leaders a line to visit my company guidance, both of our company prophase work of a kind of affirmation, but also a spur and encourage. In the future, we will continue to use the advantages of product distribution channel, integrate resources, increase innovation and make positive efforts to push the economic development of sha county to a new level.

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