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Original conch, high nutritional value.
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  •      Conch meat plump and delicate, delicious taste, known as "Pan Pearl" reputation. It is rich in protein, vitamins and essential amino acids and trace elements. Here I bring you to eat canned conch slices.
         1 conch practices: there are a lot of, boiled, steamed, fried. People prefer to steam, because it can keep the original flavor, and it is easy to peel off from the shell.
         2 experience: conch dial with a toothpick or needle inserted into the head, conch conch shell, along the spiral direction of light, turn the wrist, you can dial out. If the fire is appropriate, it is easy to dial out all the time, oh great sense of accomplishment. Even dial out, also never mind, in the direction of the spiral line conch, gently with the palm along the direction of tapping, the tail will come out a few conch.
         3 note: when eating conch conch's head, is the people in Dalian as the saying goes, "head", is characterized by two yellow rice shaped, to take out in front of the entrance. The method is, by hand or with the teeth in the head, the head of a conch on both sides of it is internal processes. Of course, if the conch is relatively small, not out, but eat a lot of words, or to be taken out, otherwise.
    The nutritional value of conch
         Snail meat is rich in vitamin A, protein, iron and calcium, has therapeutic effect on red eyes, jaundice, beriberi, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

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