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Subordinate enterprise:

1 Fujian Huanong Food Co. Ltd.                     2 Fuzhou Huanong Food Co. Ltd.        

3 Chinese (Wuyishan) Food Co. Ltd.               4 Sanming hande Catering Management Co.,Ltd

About us


       FUJIAN HUANONG FOOD CO., LTD located in sha county of fujian province, is a set processing, technology research and development, import and export trade in a body's modernized comprehensive private enterprises. \"Credibility to win the market, quality companies to survive\" as the objective, since its inception continue to denounce is gigantic endowment introduce excellent equipment, advanced technology; Pay attention to technology core management, is equipped with laboratory and professional inspection personnel 10 people, can carry out routine microbiological testing of the project, key residues and carry out various additives for detection of the project, and set up a joint inspection with the inspection and quarantine departments in the province, comparable to the detection mode, and set up a security system for product safety, ensure excellent product quality standards, to stabilize the product quality wins the favor of customers at home and abroad, 85% of products exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Australia and more than 10 countries and regions, and with several international multinational food group established long-term cooperative relationship.

Fujian Huanong Food Co. Ltd.                                  Hande (Wuyishan) Food Co. Ltd.                               Fuzhou Huanong Food Co., Ltd.                             Sanming hand Catering Management Co.Ld.

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